IBBK News 288 days old

IBBK bei den Biogas Infotagen in Ulm - 18.-19. Januar 2017

Nach der erfolgreichen Premiere zu Jahresbeginn finden die seit 2005 von der Renergie Allgäu e.V. veranstalteten Biogas Infotage am 18. und 19. Januar 2017 wieder auf dem Gelände der Ulm Messe statt.  IBBK Fachgruppe...[more]


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IBBK auf der EUROTIER / Energy Decentral 2016 in Hannover

Das IBBK wird im Rahmen des EU-Projekts "BioEnergyFarm 2" auf der Energy Decentral Messe in Hannover vom 15. bis 18. November 2016 mit einem Stand vertreten sein.[more]


IBBK News 1 yrs old

Sommerkurs BIOGAS Intensiv 2016 letzten Freitag erfolgreich mit Modul Anlagensicherheit abgeschlossen

Den Teilnehmern des diesjährigen Sommerkurses 2016 von BIOGAS Intensiv wurde wieder fundiertes Wissen zum sicheren und erfolgreicheren Betrieb von Biogasanlagen angeboten.[more]


IBBK News 1 yrs old

#PIB4 Call for Papers closed now! Thank you for your contributions.

The final deadline for the call for papers for our international conference "Progress in Biogas IV" reached its expiration date. We are now processing all submitted abstracts and will let everyone know whether we accepted the...[more]


IBBK News 1 yrs old

Infotag Güllekleinanlagen 22.06.2016 in Witzenhausen fällt aus!

Aufgrund zu geringer Anmeldungen aus dem direkt landwirtschaftlichen Sektor findet die Veranstaltung, welche Teil des EU-Projekts "BioEnergy Farm2" ist, nicht statt. Wir bitten dies zu entschuldigen.[more]


ORAL-POSTER (König-Karl-Halle – 2nd floor)

OPTI-VFA: Novel monitoring and process control system for efficient production of VFA and biogas in anaerobic digesters, Ion Irizar, Spain

Stable anaerobic fermentation of slaughterhouse waste with biofilm carriers under high ammonium levels, Daniel Schropp, Germany

Effect of ensilaging on biochemical methane potential (BMP) and physiochemical characteristics of sugar beet root pulp for biogas production, Ali Heidarzadeh, Denmark

New approach of hydrogen production from lignocellulosic biomass, Sonja Wiesgickl, Germany

Foam formation and suppression in biogas plants in course of sugar beet digestion, Dr. Lucie Moeller, Germany

Digestion of bio-waste – GHG emissions and mitigation potential, Jaqueline Daniel-Gromke, Germany

Start-up and process characteristics of a farm-scale biogas plant for caw manure with a HRT of 12 days and an OLR of 14 kg/m3/d under elevated thermophilic conditions, Prof. Dr. Paul Scherer, Germany

Physicochemical parameters of the methane fermentation process of Beta vulgaris L. Monosubstrate, Anna Karwowska, Poland

A methodology to optimize methane production in co-digestion plants, Myriam Esteban Gutiérrez, Spain

Prospects and opportunities for biogas & autogas driven vehicles, Christian Jenne, Germany

Sanitation of cow manure by an intensified thermophilic biogas process, Dr. Sandra Off, Germany

Integration of a microbial fuel cell in a two-phase anaerobic digestion system, Johanny Pérez Sierra, Germany

POSTER (List Saal – 2nd floor)

Application potential of novel high performance glycosidases from the filamentous fungus Penicillium janthinellum V39 in the biorefinery field, Judit Harsányi, Germany

Material use of digestate from biogas plants for application as a soil conditioner, Heike Bischof, Germany

Investigation and determination of the essential parameters in a two-phase anaerobic digestion process, Mandy Schönberg, Germany

Methane production of forest residues using organosolv pretreatment, Maryam Kabir, Sweden

From the biogas to vehicle fuel. Study of CO2 absorption in a packed column, Joaquín Angel Reina Hernández, Spain

Feasibility of electricity generation at wastewater treatment plants: A case study, Paulo Irineu Koltermann, Brazil

Biogas generation capacity from a stratified farrow-to-wean production unit and solid separation influence on methane yield, Andre Cestonaro do Amaral, Brazil

Symbiosis: Anaerobic digestion and hydrothermal carbonization (HTC)?, Dominik Wüst, Germany

Impact of substrates interactions on biogas production and methanogenic community during semi-continuous co-digestion of slaughterhouse waste, Jhosané Pagés Díaz, Sweden

Integration of crop residues as alternative co-substrate to Danish biogas plants: Influence of ensilage, Jin Triolo, Denmark

Modeling and simulation of biogas plants for representation of important specific parameters and biogas production, Karen Fronk, Germany

Kinetic characterization of the growth and carbon dioxide fixation of alkaliphilic microalgae consortia for deployment on the biogas enrichment, Armando González Sánchez, Mexico

GOBi - General optimization of biogas processes, Dr. Klaus Meissner, Germany

Characterization of different recycled digestate products from biogas production with specific regard to its influence on plant-soil processes to design customized fertilizers, Inga-Mareike Bach, Germany

Ensiling, base chemical extraction and energy recovery, Nicola Haag, Germany

Effects of nitrogen fertilization and strip cultivation with legumes on methane yield and sustainability of maize and amaranth, Moritz von Cossel, Germany

Molecular characterization of microbial communities during ensiling conditions and biogas production within the GOBi project, Christian Grumaz, Germany

Nutrient recovery from digestate within the GOBi project, Alejandra Campos, Germany

Influence of trace substances on methanation catalysts in dynamic biogas upgrading, Lars Jürgensen, Germany

Potentials of flexible biogas storage and utilization concepts on the example of Baden-Württemberg – a project introduction, Simone Zimmermann, Germany

High pressure anaerobic digestion up to 180 bar: The effects on biogas production and upgrading, Wolfgang Merkle, Germany

Energetic utilization of horse manure, Saskia Oldenburg, Germany

The effect of different cutting regimes on the quality of Miscanthus biomass as biogas substrate, Andreas Kiesel, Germany

The influence of spatial resolution in mathematical modelling of biogas plants, Johannes Schneider, Germany

Optimization of leachate percolation by using a reactive multiphase flow model in dry anaerobic batch digestion processes, Sébastien Pommier, France

The Potential of large scale biogas production from organic waste in urban areas of developing countries: A case study in Moshi, Tanzania, Dr. Andreas Lemmer, Germany

Process simulation of dynamic biogas upgrading using the Sabatier process – dynamic simulation with a special view on heat integration and utilization, Lars Jürgensen, Germany

Lignocelluloses wastes to biogas: Pretreatment and rapid digestion, Prof. Mohammad Taherzadeh, Sweden

Assessment of the effects of pre-treatment on the anaerobic digestion of abattoir effluent containing high levels of fat, oil and grease, Peter Harris, Australia

Alternative biogas purification media for farm installations, Stephan Heubeck, New Zealand

Up to date aspects of hygiene and microbiology in biogas plants and digested residue, Thorben Schilling, Germany

Prediction of biogas production rate by means of multivariate data analysis, Tetyana Beltramo, Germany

Techno-economic and environmental considerations of producing hydrogen-containing biogas, Alexander Lamond, United Kingdom

Maximizing resource recovery from faecal sludge (FS) in urban and peri urban regions in developing countries – appropriate decentralised treatment system design, Thomas Hoffmann, Germany

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