IBBK News 258 days old

IBBK bei den Biogas Infotagen in Ulm - 18.-19. Januar 2017

Nach der erfolgreichen Premiere zu Jahresbeginn finden die seit 2005 von der Renergie Allgäu e.V. veranstalteten Biogas Infotage am 18. und 19. Januar 2017 wieder auf dem Gelände der Ulm Messe statt.  IBBK Fachgruppe...[more]


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IBBK auf der EUROTIER / Energy Decentral 2016 in Hannover

Das IBBK wird im Rahmen des EU-Projekts "BioEnergyFarm 2" auf der Energy Decentral Messe in Hannover vom 15. bis 18. November 2016 mit einem Stand vertreten sein.[more]


IBBK News 1 yrs old

Sommerkurs BIOGAS Intensiv 2016 letzten Freitag erfolgreich mit Modul Anlagensicherheit abgeschlossen

Den Teilnehmern des diesjährigen Sommerkurses 2016 von BIOGAS Intensiv wurde wieder fundiertes Wissen zum sicheren und erfolgreicheren Betrieb von Biogasanlagen angeboten.[more]


IBBK News 1 yrs old

#PIB4 Call for Papers closed now! Thank you for your contributions.

The final deadline for the call for papers for our international conference "Progress in Biogas IV" reached its expiration date. We are now processing all submitted abstracts and will let everyone know whether we accepted the...[more]


IBBK News 1 yrs old

Infotag Güllekleinanlagen 22.06.2016 in Witzenhausen fällt aus!

Aufgrund zu geringer Anmeldungen aus dem direkt landwirtschaftlichen Sektor findet die Veranstaltung, welche Teil des EU-Projekts "BioEnergy Farm2" ist, nicht statt. Wir bitten dies zu entschuldigen.[more]



There was a #PIB3 additional program topic: Information about the Global Alliance of Productive Biogas (GAPB) at 16.30-17.30h in Stuttgart at Haus der Wirtschaft.

  • Dr. Cheng Shikun presented himself as new secretary of the GAPB and presented the interest from the Chinese side (CAREI, USTB, CBS, CBIA ...) to support and coordinate GAPB activities in future. 
  • We invited all interested present participants of the "Progress in Biogas III" to join the meeting and to represent their institution or company.
  • Heinz-Peter Mang gave a short overview of the situation and the board members.

(Program may be subject to change)

Stand as of September 4th 2014


08:00 – 08:30 Registration (Foyer König-Karl-Halle – 2nd floor)

08:30 – 10:25

König-Karl-Halle (2nd floor - translation EN-DE)

Bertha-Benz-Saal (1st floor)

Karlsruhe (1st floor)


Session 5 – Pretreatment technologies
(Chairman: Dr. Simon Zielonka)

Session 6 – Digestate application and management (Chairman: Detlef Riesel)

Session 7 – Process inhibition (Chairman: René Moletta)

Exhibition and poster session

Effects of enzyme addition on rheological properties of digester content,
Karola Elberg, Germany

Fertilising potential of separated biogas digestates applied to annual and perennial biomass production systems,
Andrea Ehmann, Germany

Microscopic digital image analysis of a farm-scale thermofilic biogas plant for early detection of ammonia inhibition effects,
Yong Sung Kim, Germany

Full-scale investigations of the use of lignocellulosic materials for anaerobic digestion,
Dr. Hans Oechsner, Germany

Effects of mechanical treatment of digestate from anaerobic digestion on the degree of degradation,
Jonas Lindner, Germany

Monofermentation of high solids chicken manure by ammonia removal,
Dr. Fabian Jacobi, Germany

Examine the effects of crop maturity and size reduction on digestibility of energy crop for biomethane production,
Prof. Samir Khanal, USA

Investigations on fertilizer production from digestate in a two stage vacuum-vaporizer,
Stephan Ruile, Germany

Biogas from protein-rich industrial waste and associated metagenomic changes,
Prof. Kornel Kovacs, Hungary

Enhancement of biogas production from laying hen manure via sonolysis as pretreatment,
Prof. Nuri Azbar, Turkey

Waste heat from biogas plants: Experiences from 10 feasibility studies in Germany,
Dominik Rutz, Germany

Anaerobic digestion of chicken manure for the production of ammonium carbamate,
Christian Strutz, Germany

Pretreatment of lignocelluose biomass for the production of biogas,
Prof. Ashok Pandey, India

Methane emissions from biogas plants under operation,
Dr. Joachim Clemens, Germany

Sources and extent of process inhibition in biogas production,
Dr. Bettina Frauz, Germany

10:25 – 10:50 Coffee break – Poster session, exhibition (List-Saal – 2nd floor)

10:50 – 12:25

Session 8 – Biogas generation from industrial, communal and municipal bio-waste
(Chairwoman: Bernadette McCabe)

Session 9 – Agricultural biogas plants
(Chairman: Prof. Ashok Pandey)

Practitioners forum
(Chairman: Dr. Hans-Joachim Nägele)

Biogas generation from biowaste – Status quo and development,
Nadja Rensberg, Germany

Biogas from farm waste ponds in temperate climates – studies and examples from New Zealand,
Stephan Heubeck, New Zealand

Agricultural biogas plants. Biogas production from agricultural biomass and organic residues,
Thomas Dory, Germany

Anaerobic digestion of salty cheese whey and UF whey permeate in a two-stage system,
Mikel Orive, Spain

Production of renewable energy by biogas in Italy: Current situation and future developments,
Alessandro Ragazzoni, Italy

Liquid feeding in biogas plants,
Peter Nemeth, Germany

Co-digestion of waste from biodiesel process mixed with tropical starch wastewater in hybrid bioreactor,
Chalermchai Ruangchainikom, Thailand

Biogas from cover crops – energy yield, EROEI and economic feasibility,
Dr. Manfred Szerencsits, Austria

DinaMETAN the software for optimizing feeding and profitability of biogas power plants,
Bettina Müller, Germany

The dynamic calculation of biogas yield (DYBE) – a new calculation tool for the heterogeneous substrate mixture,
Dietrich Prenger Berninghoff, Germany

Biochemical methane potential of agro-food wastes from the Castilla and León Region (Spain),
Jesús Martín, Spain

Co-digestion of grass silage and dairy cattle slurry at laboratory and farm scale in Northern Ireland,
Dr. James Browne, United Kingdom

Biological methanisation and its role in the future energy system,
Thomas Heller, Germany

12:25 – 13:50 Lunch – Poster session, exhibition (List-Saal – 2nd floor)

13:50 – 15:25

Session 8 – Biogas generation from industrial, communal and municipal bio-waste
(Chairman: Prof. Nuri Azbar)

Session 10 – Flexibility of biogas production and use
(Chairman: Dr. Simón González)

Session 11 – Study case China
(Chairman: Heinz-Peter Mang)

Decentralised process for biogas production from fruit and vegetable waste,
Dr. Ursula Schließmann, Germany

Efficiency of the hydrolysis in a two-stage biogas concept with biogas production on demand (ReBi-concept),
Kirsten Loewe, Germany

Optimization of biomass utilization in China,
Dr. Andrea Schüch, Germany

Decentralised combination of pig slurry, fruit wastes and wasted sardine oil for biogas production – results of a pilot experiment in Portugal,
Luis Ferreira, Portugal

Flexible biogas plants in future energy systems
Benjamin Fleischer, Germany

Biogas from fibrous residual biomass, coeval research and technological development in China and Germany, impact on the current China Clean Stove Initiative,
Andreas Krieg, Germany

Biogas generation from industrial, communal and municipal, bio-waste,
Dr. Chithral Ambawatte, Sri Lanka

Flexible biogas production for flexible energy supply, Eric Mauky, Germany

Thermophilic anaerobic co-digestion of spent coffee grounds and waste activated sludge using a submerged anaerobic membrane reactor,
Wei Qiao, China

Research on methane fermentation efficiency from food waste as alternative substrate for biogas plant,
Andrzej Lewicki, Poland

Small scale biogas upgrading plant for vehicle refueling on a farm,
Ueli Oester, Germany

Performance and kinetics evaluation of a completely stirred anaerobic reactor treating food waste: Role of trace elements,
Shubiao Wu, China

15:25 – 15:50 Coffee break – Poster session, exhibition (List-Saal – 2nd floor)

15:50 – 17:25

Session 8 – Biogas generation from industrial, communal and municipal bio-waste
(Chairman: Andreas Krieg)

Session 12 – Technical economical and social cooperative structures of decentralized small scale biogas systems
(Chairwoman: Stephanie Lansing)

Practitioners forum
(Chairman: Michael Köttner)

Biogas production using livestock manure and abattoir wastewater: Case studies from Australia, Bernadette McCabe, Australia

Supporting biogas projects in the European Union: The need for new financing instruments,
Dr. Patrick Dorvil, Luxembourg

Development of new biogas feedstock options based on agricultural residues: Example of a biomethane plant of Badenova in Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Dr. Robert Greb, Germany

Analysis of meso/thermo AD process applied to pressed biowaste during transient/stressed conditions and co-digestion with waste active sludge,
Federico Micolucci, Italy

Entering new biogas markets in developing and emerging countries / Partnering and financing options of the German Development Cooperation, Oliver Gehrke, Germany

Biogas upgrading,
Torsten Haug, Germany

Extraction of soluble substances from organic solid municipal waste to increase methane production,
Rosalinda Campuzano, Mexico

New approaches for boosting development, social business and crowd funding at its core,
Mariela Pino, Chile

New established Multi-E-System for enhanced biogas production of fibrous substrates.
Dr. Gerald Vollmer-Heuer

Degradation of pharmaceuticals from wastewater by using anaerobic digestion technologies – first characterizations and treatment performances, Tobias Wätzel, Germany

Flexible biogas kit for feacal sludge treatment in desaster relief,
Katrin Kayser, Germany

17:25 – 18:00 Closing session (König-Karl-Halle – 2nd floor)

18:00 End of the conference



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