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IBBK News 288 days old

IBBK bei den Biogas Infotagen in Ulm - 18.-19. Januar 2017

Nach der erfolgreichen Premiere zu Jahresbeginn finden die seit 2005 von der Renergie Allgäu e.V. veranstalteten Biogas Infotage am 18. und 19. Januar 2017 wieder auf dem Gelände der Ulm Messe statt.  IBBK Fachgruppe...[mehr]


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IBBK auf der EUROTIER / Energy Decentral 2016 in Hannover

Das IBBK wird im Rahmen des EU-Projekts "BioEnergyFarm 2" auf der Energy Decentral Messe in Hannover vom 15. bis 18. November 2016 mit einem Stand vertreten sein.[mehr]


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Sommerkurs BIOGAS Intensiv 2016 letzten Freitag erfolgreich mit Modul Anlagensicherheit abgeschlossen

Den Teilnehmern des diesjährigen Sommerkurses 2016 von BIOGAS Intensiv wurde wieder fundiertes Wissen zum sicheren und erfolgreicheren Betrieb von Biogasanlagen angeboten.[mehr]


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Progress in Biomethane Mobility

27. Oktober - 28. Oktober 2015

Die Referenten der Internationale Konferenz Progress in Biomethane Mobility stellen sich vor:





European Biogas Association, EBA


Dr. Štambaský received his PhD in chemistry from the University of Glasgow in 2008. He then created his own company, NovaEnergo Ltd, focusing on advanced biochemical approaches to enhance the overall efficiency of the biogas and biomethane production processes. Jan Štambaský is a member of the Czech Biogas Association and was appointed a member of the executive board of EBA in 2009 and became a president of the association in 2014.


Presentation title: The European Policies Concerning Biomethane Mobility




Daniel HUBER

Managing Partner, Strategic Design

Spirit Design 


Founded the strategic design company Spirit Design in 1993, together with his partner George Wagner. As Managing Partner he runs the business unit Strategic Design. Together with his team he designs and implements innovations in industrial and corporate design for renowned customers from different industries (Energy & Environment, Mobility & Logistics, Industry & Engineering, ICT & Electronics, Agriculture and Consumer & Retail). His many accomplishments include international and national design awards, nominations for a number of prizes and participation in numerous major exhibitions. The expert for design driven innovation and future trends shares his experience in two visiting professorships at the University of Applied Sciences Joanneum in Graz. As a trained value analyst, project manager and industrial designer he started his career with first experiences in architecture, furniture design and in collaboration with the design studio I. D. Pool for Professor E. W. Beranek. Daniel Huber was born in Salzburg in 1968. He is married and father of two children.


Presentation title: Atmove – rural biomethane mobility in Brazil





YourCar GmbH


Boris. M. Hillmann studied Botany, Plant Production in the Tropics and Subtropics, and Nature Conservation at the University of Göttigen. After graduading he continued his research in Environmental Economics, where he focused on Willingness-To-Pay for ecosystem services of common goods, such as biodiversity. Demanding more application in his work, he turned his interest in business development and recently co-founded a new company called YourCar, that offers free floating carsharing using a fleet of CNG-cars. Considering his scientific background, visions, guidelines and principles with strong ecological character where implemented in the company´s portfolio and strategy. With YourCar the application of Biomethane Mobility is planed to be demonstrated on a local scale.


Presentation title: Carsharing with a biomethane fleet by YourCar GmbH - a climate-neutral mobility?



Prof. Virendra Kumar VIJAY

Centre for Rural Development and Technology, IIT


Prof Vijay is Professor,of the Centre for Rural Development and Technology, IIT Delhi. He has teaching and research experience of about 25 years in the area of renewable energy sources. His area of research includes bio-energy, biogas enrichment and bottling, biomethanation, rural energy systems, rural industrialization etc. He has published more than 125 research papers, authored 8 books and patented biogas enrichment and bottling technology. He has got many national awards including young scientist award and best Engineering teacher award. He has widely travelled across the globe. He is member of various expert committees of Govt of India including MNRE, DST, CSIR, Rural Development and NGOs. He has handled more than 35 national and international research and consultancy projects. He is a leading researcher and developer of small scale biogas enrichment and bottling technology in the world. As General Secretary of Biogas Forum ( India), involved in popularizing biogas technologies in India. He is also Indian Coordinator - Sustainable Energy & Environment Forum ( SEE Forum)(Forum consisting of 20 Asian Countries for Sustainable Energy & Environment development, HQ-Kyoto University, Japan).


Presentation title: Decentralized biogas enrichment and bottling technology for cooking and vehicular application in India for energy security




AdMil srl

Born in Turin, 14/2/1951, Piero Mattirolo graduated in Political Science at the University of Turin. In the first part of his professional life, he held a number of international sales and marketing management positions, with Fiat, Zanussi Electrolux, Candy, Boston. Since 1992 he is partner and CEO of AdMil, a marketing consultancy in Milan, focused on energy and advanced materials. Starting from 2007, AdMil has concentrated on developing the biogas industry in Italy, with training and dissemination events.

AdMil participated in several research projects, among which an assessment on available upgrading technologies (MetanoVerde) as well as an industrial demonstration project on a hybrid water scrubbing-membrane technology, whose outcome was the first fully operational biomethane installation in Italy. Piero Mattirolo is president of Consorzio Distretto Agroenergetico Lombardo and member of the scientific committee of FIPER (Federazione Italiana Produttori Energie Rinnovabili). He has presented papers in a large number of Italian events, as well as in the USA at BioCycle congress.

Member of the FIPER technical committee (Federazione Italiana Produttori Energie Rinnovabili)


Presentation title: Biomethane as fuel in Italy: ideal market conditions but uncertain profitability



Kazi Ekhlasul HAQUE

Secretary General

BBDF, Bangladesh Biogas Development Foundation

Eklas was born in 23 January 1959 in Bangladesh. He is married and father of a daughter. He is a Business-Person dealing with poultry & biogas industry under a project Management Company registered as Chicks & Feeds Ltd. There are only two modern Biogas Plants in Bangladesh made with CSTR digester having capacity 1350m3 and 2700m3 was built by us in 2012. Since then, he is associated with BBDF and presently performing as Secretary General.

In addition, he is actively involved with Fossil-free campaigns and makes presentation in various programs with a Campaign “Green City Healthy City”. He goes for PPT in different organization that includes Government, NGO’s, University, School, City or Municipal Corporation on living in a Pathogen-free environment, save fossil-fuel and ensure a healthy living for our generation. His facebook page for campaign is as follows:


Presentation title: Use of Bio-methane as Transport Fuel in Bangladesh


Dr. Sebastian BAUM

Lecturer and researcher in renewable energies

University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf, Freising


After graduating in Forest Sciences, Sebastian Baum obtained his doctorate in micro biology (wood decaying fungi) in 2001 at the University of Freiburg (Germany). He worked at Swiss universities for the following ten years (ETH Zurich and Zurich University of Applied Sciences) as a lecturer and as a researcher for renewable energies (wood energy, biogas) in application-oriented projects with industry participation. Since his return to Germany in 2011 he is a lecturer and researcher at the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf in Freising. His interests focus on energies from biogenic waste and residues.


Presentation title: Pressureless and cryogenic conversion of biogas into liquefied biomethane and solid carbon dioxide




Research assistant

University of Applied Science Landshut


After ending his bachelor program in mechanical engineering at the University of Applied Science Landshut Korbinian Nachtmann has ended his master study energy management and technic at the universities Nürnberg, Ansbach and Triesdorf with excellence in the year 2012. Since more than three years Mr. Nachtmann is working as a research assistant at the University of Landshut and the Technical University of Munich. The name of his project is “Production of liquid biomethane from biogas for the long-term storage of energy”. As senior laboratory engineer, he is also responsible for the laboratory of energy and environmental engineering from the faculty mechanical engineering.


Presentation title: Pressureless and cryogenic conversion of biogas into liquefied biomethane and solid carbon dioxide


Dr. Helmut KERN


ARCANUM Energy Management GmbH


After his academic studies in Bonn, Germany, Dr. Helmut Kern worked in executive positions and as managing director for several international companies in the industrial goods field with a working focus on project development, marketing and sales.

In 2001 he established the ARCANUM consultancy with a concentration on b2b business processes and energy economics. Herefrom several co-operational models for public services were developed - like “Biogas Pools für Stadwerke”. In 2010 he founded the company ARCANUM Energy Management GmbH whose strategic focus lies on trading and transportation of biomethane as well as on marketing consultancy and energy efficiency.


Presentation Title: Biomethane for mobility in Germany





Metener Ltd


Juha Luostarinen is a Master of Science, graduated from the University of Jyväskylä (Environmental Science) in 2006.

Current responsibilities as Specialist at Metener Ltd include process planning, carrying out research and development and making feasibility studies of biogas production and utilisation schemes.

Before current position Mr. Luostarinen has worked in the field of bio- and landfill gas technology at University of Jyväskylä and at biogas engineering company Greenfinch Ltd in the UK.


Presentation title: Water scrubbing technology suitable for small biogas plants




CCS (Cornelissen Consulting Servives)

After  his bachelors in Energy Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Berry de Jong studied the masters program Energy Science at Utrecht University where he graduated in 2012. During his studies, Berry conducted several investigations into the (economic and sustainable) use of bioenergy from waste and residue streams.  He was president of YES-DC, the Young Energy Specialists and Development Co-operation an association for young professionals working in the field of energy and development cooperation, where he co-organized numerous congresses, network events, debates and excursions. As a consultant at CCS, his focus is on biogas from small scale (manure) digestion and related techniques like biogas upgrading, CHP and manure treatment technologies, and the development of tools for these areas to create concrete business cases. Amongst others Berry has developed the calculations tools for the BioEnergy Farm 2 project (, to assess the economic feasibility of a small scale digester for farmers in Europe. With the Bio-Up, CCS has demonstrated that small scale upgrading of biogas technically possible and economically feasible. As a consultant, Berry was actively involved in the design and realization process of the demonstration plant, as well as in legal and the actual integration of the Bio-Up on the farm.


Presentation title: Bio-Up, a new upgrading technology.




Apex AG

With a masters degree as an mechanical engineer Ueli is professionaly involved in alternative vehicle fuels espacially in the process-engineering requirements of high-pressure methods scince 1986.

Scince 2003 he is working for Apex AG as the senior consultant and technical expert for biogas upgrading and CNG-fuelling systems in Europe.


Presentation title: Blue Bonsai, Biogas-upgrading unit with filling station smaller 50 Nm3/h



Prof. Dr. Ralf Kindervater

CEO, Geschäftsführer

BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Ralf Kindervater promovierte als Diplom-Chemiker der Fachrichtungen Biochemie und Biotechnologie bei der Gesellschaft für Biotechnologische Forschung mbH (GBF) in Braunschweig.

In den Jahren 2001 und 2002 war Herr Prof. Dr. Kindervater in Interimsvorstands- und Geschäftsführungs-positionen in mehreren Biotech-Unternehmen tätig. Seit 2003 ist er Geschäftsführer der BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg und seit November 2014 ist er bestellter Honorarprofessor am Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) in der Fakultät für Chemieingenieurwesen und Verfahrenstechnik.


Presentation title: Practical aspects of biobased economoy: bio-based mobility using biomethane certificates, Bioökonomie in der Praxis: Biobasierte Mobilität mit Bio-Methan-Zertifikat



Graduate Process Engineer

CNG Services Ltd.


Anna Liszka is an energetic and ambitious Graduate Process Engineer who always accomplishes more than expected by meeting challenges with enthusiasm and hard work. With an MSc in Energy and Environmental Engineering and a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering in Energy, Oil and Gas. She brings to an organization considerable research experience coupled with superb analytical skills which enable to consistently achieve positive results in assessing and meeting an organization’s needs.

Presentation title: Biogas als erneuerbarer Kraftstoff in Großbritanien




Heinz-Peter MANG

Senior Consultant, technical expert

USTB, University of Science and Technology Beijing


Heinz Peter is a German biogas engineer with more than 30 years bioenergy project experiences on all continents. He works since 2005 as Guest-Professor at the University of Science and Technology Beijing, and as international bioenergy consultant, bringing in highest experiences on biogas, bioenergy, sanitation, waste-to-energy, and sustainable agriculture.


Presentation title: Herausforderungen bei der Entwicklung einer kryogenen Gasaufbereitungstechnik mit CO2Rückgewinnung




Director of the A.D. Dept. of INNOVENT-Aria


Pierre has focused on the development of simple equipment, suitable for A.D. treatment of organic waste on site (as opposed to centralized facilities who requires transportation and marketing of waste).

For over 30 years it has sought to bring out the bio methane fuel in France, in opposition to public and private lobby, creating the first bio methane fuel refueling stations in France in 1994. Aria is a leading company for dry fermentation on farm and small liquid fermentation.

He funded recently the “ Technical workshops for frugal innovation, and prohibited obsolescence”, which aims to give the mastery of tools to users (farmers).


Presentation title: Biogasaufbereitung im Rahmen regionaler Entwicklungen im Mobilitätssektor






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